Ever wondered if you can get your teeth straightened without having to deal with an embarrassing set of metal braces? Apart from the embarrassment when you sport that toothy metal smile, traditional braces can also prevent you from eating the food you love. For a majority of patients, we suggest Invisalign braces to correct a variety of issues, including over and underbite.

The advantages of Invisalign:

Removable: So you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, plus brushing and flossing are no problem.

Comfortable: Because it has no metal to cause mouth abrasions during treatment. And no metal and wires usually means you spend less time in your doctor’s office getting adjustments.

Aesthetic: These aligners are clear and more aesthetically pleasing than conventional braces. Most people will not even notice that you are wearing any sort of dental appliance.

The disadvantages of Invisalign:

Severe Crowding: Not all patients are good candidates for Invisalign. If your teeth are too crowded and require more aggressive orthodontic treatment, then conventional braces may be a better option. Your Invisalign dentist will discuss your options with you during your consultation.

Compliance: Metal braces stay are not removable, whereas Invisalign is removable. While this adds flexibility It is essential for the patient to wear the aligners regularly to obtain the desired results. As teeth are constantly moving, it is important for the aligners to be worn as directed to obtain quicker and optimum results.

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