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Bringing dental care to you

Dental Arts Mobile
is proudly providing dental services at your community


We bring the highest quality dental care to senior citizens in the comfort of their living environment,
as well as dental education and training for patients, and those who serve them.
With the most advanced portable dental equipment, and a staff of highly trained dental professionals, we bring the care to you!


Our mission is to bring quality dentistry on-site to anyone who cannot access dental care routinely in traditional settings, avoiding stress, logistics, and waiting rooms.

The logistical challenges of transportation to and from traditional dentist offices has left the seniors as one of the most underserved demographics for dental care. We aim to ease that challenge.

And we don’t just stop at dental care – we also provide oral health care education and training to our patients and those who care for them – reinforcing positive dental hygiene habits towards a healthier community.

According to American Dental Association routine preventative dental care helps not only with dental and periodontal health, but also lowers the risk of life threatening diseases such as: oral cancer, pneumonia, heart failure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and possibly Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Our mobile dental professionals offer a wide array of services ranging from oral cancer screenings, x-rays and cleanings to more complex procedures such as fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures, and extractions.

Our state of the art mobile dental equipment, digital software, x-rays, and intraoral cameras help us maximize communication with the patients and their caregivers in order to keep the patient informed and comfortable throughout the process.

We understand the logistical challenges involved in transporting patients to the dentist. So we exist to ease the burden placed on families and caregivers when planning a dental visit for there loved ones.


  • Making preventative dentistry and routine oral cancer screenings easily accessible, we reduce the risk of potentially life threatening diseases as well and expensive dental emergencies.

  • Elimination of stress that comes with scheduling, transportation, and long waiting time that is associated with conventional dental appointment.
    Patients are treated on-site with minimal interruption of their day and comfort.

  • More patients have access to oral health care that might otherwise go without it.


Dr. Albina Batchaeva is the owner operator of Dental Arts Mobile. She graduated with honors from the prestigious University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry, where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. With many years of rigorous education and more importantly, diverse clinical practice, Dr. Albina truly understands the value of quality patient care and the means to provide it.

Dr. Batchaeva is honored to have the ability to provide much needed dental care to the underserved elderly community. She believes that everyone should have access to quality dental care and finds her interactions with her patients to be extremely rewarding. Dr. Batchaeva’s goal is to provide the highest quality dentistry as well as much-needed preventative oral health care to patients in the comfort of their own environments.

To schedule an appointment,
call us at 415.757.0604 and we’ll be happy to assist you.